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Tatami Jigsaw Interlocking Mats Martial | Arts Flooring | 4 cm Thickness

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The 4cm Interlocking Judo Mats offers an interlocking professional judo mat designed for groundwork training in several martial arts disciplines.  These reversible and judo mats work great for skill development.  The tatami surface texture on the 1 by 1 meter and 4cm thick mats will not cause rug burns,  allowing you to train longer and harder. 

These professional judo mats are shock absorbing and will provide a safe and clean surface for judo groundwork,  MMA workouts and Jiu-Jitsu workouts.  These Judo mat will last for years of use in your dojo or professional studio and comes with a 1-year warranty.  The judo flooring is safe for kids,  as well as being lead and latex-free.  Using the highest quality EVA foam (short for ethylene-vinyl acetate) which is a closed cell type of foam,  which gives it durability and ensures it won't absorb water. 

Additionally,  our EVA foam judo mats for sale that have a resistance to UV radiation.  Although you'll pay a little more for this type of foam versus a carpet padding type of open-cell foam,  the EVA closed-cell foam offers a longer lifespan and avoids problems with odours and mildew.  With a closed-cell construction the 4cm EVA foam tiles are easy to clean and disinfect.  These types of foam tiles resist cracking as well.

The judo mats provide a Shore A material density rating of 35-40.  This rating is at the lower end of Shore A ratings for our foam mats,  which range from 35 to 45.  Martial arts that involve a large amount of groundwork,  as well as grappling and throwing,  work best with a Shore A density rating of 35 to 40.  Our judo mats also work for other disciplines,  including Jiu-Jitsu and MMA. 

The EVA foam included with the tiles offers enough firmness to allow athletes to push off from a stable surface.  You won't have as many concerns over suffering rolled ankles with these firm tiles as your feet won't sink deeply into the judo mats while working out, and the surface of the tiles provides enough grip to work well for those athletes working with bare feet. 

The 4cm judo mats provide good fall protection and work best for disciplines that involve groundwork and throwing,  our judo mats have been fall-height tested to 1.7m.


  • High grip Tatami finish
  • Universal locking pattern - great for creating patterns
  • 1-meter square
  • 4pcs edging included
  • Mats can be washed with detergents
  • 100% EVA 40-45 degree (shore A) hardness (this is the recommended shore grading for karate and Taekwondo mats, any higher in value and the mats become too dense and lose their effectiveness and overall safety for users especially when practising jump kicks and other movements with excess stress on leg joints)
  • Made in TAIWAN under strict quality control
  • Available in dual/reversible colour
  • Deep Jigsaw pattern to eliminate mats pulling apart when in use
  • The listed price is per single piece with edging 
  • 3 & 4 cm mats are approved by NSW tactical police training centres and have been used for ADF training facility fit-outs