Power Bag - 10kg

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The Morgan Sports Power Bags are Outstanding for Functional Training and Developing Strength and Cardiovascular Fitness.

The PowerBag an excellent training tool for personal trainers and can be used by the poolside, on the beach, at the track, or in the comfort of your own home.

Using the PowerBag will help increase strength, improve muscle tone, reduce body fat and increase cardio fitness,. With a 5 kg, 10kg, 20kg & 25kg option, you can use the PowerBag that's right for your routine.

Varied Gripping Positions
The variety of gripping handles allows plenty of versatility - which include such exercises such as bent over rows, high pulls, bicep curls etc. The soft touch bag can also just gripped allowing the user to perform clean and presses, shoulder presses and push presses

The Main Handles
Stretching from the two narrow end points that taper at each end of the bag. These are used, one in each hand, for swinging and spinning motions.

The Exterior Handles 
Three tube-like protrusions that sit on the outer top of the bag (on both sides of the bag; the center handle is set between the two outer handles and is primarily used for grip strength and upper body exercises.

The Third Option
Uses the two looped straps sewn directly to the bag’s exterior, grip these whilst performing lunges, squats etc. to stabilise the bag on your shoulders during lower body workouts.

Durable Construction
The PowerBag is constructed from durable, non tearing, commercial grade material, with a high density breathable foam core so that the it maintains its shape. Secured with a zip lock cover pocket. Powerbags with a soft exterior can be dropped safely and used on almost any surface inside or outdoors.