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Premium Grade Rubber Gym Flooring | BLUE [1m x 1m x 15mm]


The Fitness Hero Premium Commercial Rubber Gym Floor Tiles are perfect gym flooring for any commercial or home gym application.

Our premium grade gym flooring has a much smooth finish than our commercial grade, the flooring can be flipped and used both sides. The commercial grade flooring can only be used on one side 

The Rubber floor tiles are 15mm thick, weighing an outstanding 13.5kg per tile and are 100% SBR (car tyre) rubber with a PU Binder. It has a density rating of 1000kg/m3, a far superior rubber compound than 99% of the rubber floor tiles sold in Australia. 

The main properties of SBR are its outstanding heat, ozone and weather resistance that makes it incredibly durable indoors and outdoors. Our mats are also tested in Australia for a Non-Slip surface (AS4586:2013).

There is a substantial amount of technology that goes into such a humble piece of equipment. The lifetime of weightlifting and functional fitness equipment is substantially increased when paired with the correct flooring. 


  • Made in Vietnam
  • Dimensions: - 1m x 1m x 15mm
  • Weight: 13.5kg per pcs (+/- 5%)
  • Density: 1000kg/m3
  • Hardness: 62 Shore A
  • Commercial grade and quality - mats are 100% highly compressed rubber granule (SBR black granules) 
  • Floor tiles are bottom sealed to ensure that no granules flake away from the tile (Polyurethane binding) 
  • Shock absorbent
  • Bevelled edge
  • Water-proof
  • Non-Slip surface tested to Australian standards AS4586:2013
  • Non-toxic
  • Non Static 
  • Colour: Red Speck  
  • No Chemical smell
  • This high quality gym mats will not bend or deform
  • Our mats come with a 2 year manufacturing warranty
  • Colour: All black / Blue Fleck / White Fleck / Red Fleck

    NOTE: This flooring is perfect for Cross Training boxes, home gyms, workshops, playgrounds and many other areas.