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Tri-Max Free Standing Punch Bag With Numbers XL

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The Morgan Tri-Max free-standing training bag is the Rolls Royce of commercial-grade, full size, and non-rebounding free standing bags. 

The Tri-Max free-standing bags measure a massive 1.83m in height and over 42cm in diameter, allowing the bag to be used as a single or dual person training bag. Using a solid high-density PE inner foam that measures 140cm in height and 42 cm in width, with an additional canvas, backed vinyl cover, means that this bag is designed for the continual punishment. It's ideal for both specialised boxing and martial arts centres as well as commercial fitness centres.

A PVC solid inner full-length inner tube will absorb the impact applied to the bag while the commercial-grade base that measures 60cm in width and 40cm in height will hold well over 90kg of water or sand ensuring that the bag will stay where it was placed and not move around the room whilst being used.

  • High-density PE foam top with a solid PVC tube - this bag is a stationary freestanding bag,  unlike the PB-26 there is no spring system resulting in a non-movement bag
  • Fill base with water or sand for maximum stability up to 90kg
  • Excellent stability designed typically for  free sparring striking and cardio fitness
  • Dimensions: Top = 140cm x 42cm (diameter) + Base = 40cm x 60cm (diameter) total height + diameter = 180cm x 42cm


The Tri-Max free standing bag consists of 3 parts.  1 x Base,  1 x Small inner black base tube & 1 x Foam top with an Inner grey plastic cylinder which should not be removed.

  • Step 1: To assemble first insert Small black Inner Base Tube through the bottom of the base.
  • Step 2: Now decide first where you wish to use the bag and position the base exactly where you want it on the floor.
  • Step 3: Slip on the foam top;  the grey inner cylinder will slip onto the inner black base tube. 
  • Step 4: For heavy application use we recommend that you DO NOT screw the nuts and bolts through the grey inner pipe into the black plastic tube,  this will allow for greater impact distribution over the product and will increase the longevity of this item

Fill with sand for maximum stability:

  • Once the base is filled,  to avoid damage remember do not to tilt or roll the base.
  • Moving the Tri-max is a 2-3 man operation.

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