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XT Evolution Fluid Cycle

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Dual Function, Upper & Lower Body Ergometer

The E720A Fluid Grinder is ideal for total body conditioning. The combination Recumbent Cycle, Seated and Standing Upper Body Ergometer, instantly adaptable between all three functions.

The E-720A Fluid Cycle XT (Cross Trainer) applies fluid resistance to this 3 machines in 1

Adjustable Seat

Low seat height, swivels for ease of access. Contoured "soft-touch" seat with lumbar support.


Counter-balanced main arm rotates through 360° that allows for the most condusive height adjustments both standing and seated. This features alows for both upper and lower body training workouts. Dyneema® cable – no chains, no lubrication

Bluetooth Auto-Adjust Monitor

Each rower is fitted with the most advanced console technology, enabling Bluetooth connectivity with any compatible smart device. Designed to integrate with rowing and fitness apps, the console will assist with effective training progression, capturing and comparing data for the competitive individual. Auto-adjust technology automatically correlates tank resistance to the Bluetooth Monitor for real time power in watts. Display can be set to show the power Curve of each repetition or a cumulative Power Graph. Track your performance, every repetition, every set in real time.

The LCD monitor displays; Watts, Work (duration of exercise segment), Rest (duration of rest period), Time, Calories, Pulse (compatible with Polar Heart Rate Receiver and Transmitter Chest Strap), Level and Power Graph (data gathered from each workout is displayed in power curve and cumulative power graph, enabling real time comparisons for effective progressive training). Built in potentiometer automatically adjusts the computer’s resistance level according to the position of the Fluid Force Lever on the tank.


RESISTANCE TYPE Adjustable Fluid Resistance.
RESISTANCE LEVELS 20 levels of patented Variable Fluid Resistance assure you will start easily and never plateau.
Easy “on-the-fly” right foot adjustment adjusts resistance level without interrupting the workout.
RAIL TYPE Extra-long anodised aluminum seat rail will suit the tallest of users with Air Glide low friction seat rollers, concealed for cleaner, safer and smoother ride
PEDAL / HAND GRIPS Dual use Pedal/hand grip.
Operates in forward and reverse directions 360 degree counterbalanced rotating main arm
Angled hand grip to minimise joint stress.
Full toe cage with non slip surface 
SEAT Low seat height swivels for ease of access.
Contoured ‘soft-touch’ seat with lumbar support. 
Can be used seated or standing
CRANK Fixed crank arm configuration for exercise comfort and dependability.
PULSE Fitted with Heart Rate receiver as standard  
CONSOLE TYPE Interactive Performance Monitor (IPM) with USB port.
The IPM gives you
  • quick start,
  • manual programs,
  • interval training,
  • USB port allows interactive programming.
READ OUTS Time;  Revolution/min; Speed; Distance; Heart Rate; Calories per hour; Watts; Level, Pacer, Interval training feature and has a heart rate receiver built in.
PORTABILITY Built in transportation wheels for easy movement.
FOOT SUPPORT Wide foot supports ensure a solid platform for any size user to maintain total stability during exercise.

Stainless steel marine grade impeller blades housed in a tough polycarbonate tank deliver unprecedented resistance levels and a sensory workout experience to sustain your interest.   

DIMENSIONS L130cm x W99cm x  H125cm

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